12 Health Benefits Of Turmeric That Make Healthiest Spice

tumeric health benefits n nutrition facts

Turmeric is a native of south India and is used as a natural food coloring agent. It belongs to the family of Ginger and coloring is just a small but important role that it plays in the Indian culture. It has been traditionally used as a medicinal herb. To obtain turmeric powder, the Rhizomes are … [Read more...]

11 Health Benefits of Garlic And Nutrition Facts | Side-Effects

garlic health benfits

Garlic is a popular flavoring agent which is used world over today. Though it is considered to be a native of Central Asia, it has left its footprints in Mediterranean, European and African cooking as well. In modern times, Garlic has proved to be more than a food ingredient and a lot of studies … [Read more...]

Macadamia Nuts 10 Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts

Macadamia health benefits n nutrition facts

Macadamia nuts are native to Australia and come from the family of Proteaceae. It is also known as Bush nut, Queensland nut, Hawaii nut, Maroochi nut and Bauple nut! Of the four species, only three are commercially grown and consumed and only two can be consumed in raw form. Macadamia nut is also … [Read more...]

Chestnut 15 Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts

chestnut health benefit n nutrition facts

Chestnuts belong to the genus Castanea and come from beech family. It has four species viz. European, Chinese, Japanese and American Chestnuts. These species are very different from each other in their growth pattern.Chinese Chestnut grows slowly and have a wide growth but American and European ones … [Read more...]

Hazelnut Treat For Important Health Benefits

Hazelnut health benefits and nutrition facts

Hazelnuts come from the species Filbert nut and is also known as cobnut. The kernel of Hazel is edible and is contained in a shell encompassed in fibrous husk. When it ripens, the nut falls out of the husk hide. The nut is smooth and rich in texture and can be consumed raw or roasted. Hazelnut has a … [Read more...]

Best Workout Plan For Upper Abs In 2 Move

Running for abs

Looking for a perfect workout for your upper abs? So if you want simple but effective workout for your upper abs then you can enjoy this routine. As training for six pack abs you need to give 1 day for upper abs, you can try this upper abs bursting exercise. As usual we will go with a … [Read more...]

Cashew Nut Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts

cashew nut health benefit

Cashew nuts come from a tropical evergreen tree and find its origin in vibrant Brazil. Today it is widely grown in many tropical region like India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Nigeria amongst others. India and Nigeria keep claiming the top producers' hat year after year. Cashew tree produces a sweet and … [Read more...]

Amazing Coconut Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts

Coconut health benefit n nutrition facts

Coconut comes from the family of palm trees and has derived its name from Portuguese and Spanish word coco which means "Skull". It is a tropical /sub-tropical fruit and usually adorns areas in the vicinity of sea. The famous coconut water is held inside the soft flesh of coconut which is encompassed … [Read more...]