Core Exercises To Strengthen And Toughen Core Muscle

Abs Exercise : Side Plank

If you are a serious lifter at the gym, you should take care that your core is strong. A strong core not only helps the form of every exercise and helps gain muscle mass, but also avoids lower back and other problems that occur during later years. There is this misconception among people that only … [Read more...]

Six Pack Abs Diet Strategy Tips For Daily Basis

Six pack abs meal plan

Whoever said "Abs are built in the kitchen, not the gym" was bang on correct! If you don't pay proper attention to what you eat and when you eat, even if your workout routine is perfect, you won't see the results. Ultimately, its the guy who balances between nutrition and right workout that wins. … [Read more...]

10 Abs Plank Exercise To Get Toned And Sculpted Core

knee to outside plank exercise

Gone are the days when only crunches and sit ups were used to build hard abs. It is time to incorporate various techniques of training if you want the abdominal muscles to grow considerably. Plank exercise is a type of static training that uses the isometric mode of training to work the abs. Read on … [Read more...]

High Definition Six Pack Abs Muscles With Circuit Exercise

six pack abs circuit exercise : burpee

Doing only crunches doesn't give you those popping abs. Crunches are just spot reduction exercises that make the muscles stronger but because your abs are hidden under additional fat layers, high intensity activities are required to lose the additional fat. A circuit workout is the exact solution to … [Read more...]

Six Pack Abs Diet Tips To Get Lean Abs

diet tips to build six pack abs - protein rich food

The most common mistake people do while aiming for shredded abs is, they focus only on crunches and sit ups. While these exercises are useful and do provide results, but it is better that you mix up your abs workout routine by incorporating different types of exercises along with crunches. And it is … [Read more...]

6 Six Pack Abs Building Tips To Get Toned Physique

Tips to build six pack abs

Who doesn't want to build rock solid six pack abs that makes your physique stand out in the gym? Many people train hard in the wrong way, either neglecting exercise or nutrition or missing out on crucial aspects of the shredding process and fail to get the physique that they would love to … [Read more...]

6 Best Exercise For Lower Abs To Tone Your Lower Abs

Exercise for lower abs : haning leg raise

Lower abs are the most difficult to get. Getting that V cut in the lower portion of the rectus abdominis is by no means an easy task. One of the myths regarding working lower abs is, they are worked out only when you perform lower ab exercises. This is not true. The abdominal muscle is a sheath, … [Read more...]

6 Oblique Exercise To Get Defined Oblique Muscles

bicycle exercise - oblique exercise

Obliques is one of the most important areas to work on if you are looking to build six pack abs. These muscles are the most forgotten when people start to build a strong core. Obliques are stabilizers in the body; when your body is involved in lifting during complicated compound movements, these … [Read more...]