Pumpkin Seeds 12 Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts

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If you have been hogging on pumpkin flesh and discarding its seeds then there is a lot of nutrition you have been missing on! Yes, pumpkin seeds are a powerhouse of minerals and trace metals like Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc , Copper and Manganese. They are cleaned, dried a bit and are … [Read more...]

Without Exercise Lose More Than 20 Pound Fat And Get Fit


Yeah, so your waist line is out of control and so is your weight. The bad news is that  you are not healthy and want to put down your weight. The good news is you may be able to control quite a bit of it with simple adjustments, changes and without exercise! We all have these crazy work … [Read more...]

Drink Tequila To Boost Weight Loss While Enjoying Party

Splash from olive in a glass of cocktail.

You love your Tequila? We are going to give you healthier reasons to love it a little more. Now, excessive Tequila is going to give you a lot of hangover, not a pretty site eh? So we suggest you limit your intake to the awesome Sugar which your Tequila has and is derived from a plant called … [Read more...]

Spice You Life and Health With 25 Healthiest Spice


Spices add that zing in our food and make it supremely tasty by lending beautiful flavors to it. No matter what the cuisine is or whichever part of the world you are in, spices will surely touch your taste buds.Some spices are widely used across cuisines and continents and then there are some that … [Read more...]

List of 52 Vegetables Health Benefits You Should Know


Vegetables make an extremely important and major part of our diet. So what are these vegetables really? In a layman's language it is the edible part of a plant which can be eaten raw or after being cooked. Botanically and biologically the definition of veggies is quite complex so we are … [Read more...]

13 Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

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Brussels sprouts are believed to have originated in Brussels and hence earned the name! These sprouts come from the same family as cabbages and they look like miniature version of them. Their buds are the sprouts and they grow about 2.5-4 cms in diameter. They usually grow well in cooler climates … [Read more...]

Top 24 Herbs That Boost Complete Health


Across the continents and cuisines, herbs play an important role in brightening the dishes and making them more nutritious. Herbs are particularly dense in nutrients and have very high amount of Vitamins and minerals with minimal levels of fats and almost no cholesterol. Every region has certain … [Read more...]

Top 20 Healthiest Nuts Health Benefits And Facts


Nuts are a big part of various cultures and play an important role in some traditions. Nuts are the best and healthy way of snacking owing to their dense composition of vitamins, minerals and trace metals. Many nuts come in form of seeds and it is their oil which is generally used for … [Read more...]