Six Pack Abs Diet And Exercise

six pack abs diet n exercise tips

Six pack abs is a symbol of good training, right nutrition and perseverance. If you follow the right steps, there is no reason why you can’t get good sculpted abs. Have you ever thought about the best tips that can really help you out to build six pack abs you want.There are many guide, tips and … [Read more...]

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Tempeh vs. tofu: Which is better?


Tempeh and Tofu both are soybean plant derivatives. Which is better? Read further to understand which is healthier and better. TempehTempeh is a completely a soybean product consisting of different nutritional characteristics and it also has the textural qualities. Tempeh is formed by … [Read more...]

Six Pack Abs Exercise – A Complete Abs Exercise In Single Workout

saxon side bends -six pack abs exercise

When you dream about perfect six pack abs, you do not singularly visualize the lower abs or the shredded obliques or a killer upper abs, rather, you want them all, like a masterpiece. Simply pushing your muscles over the limit or chugging down protein shakes is not the solution.What you need is … [Read more...]

Restorative Yoga : Benefits And Journey Towards Relaxation

Restorative Yoga

Developed by the ancient yogis in India, yoga is one of the most promising ways to keep us healthy and fit physically and mentally. It has become one of the most popular fitness routines.Contemporary disciples include executives who are trying to cope with their fast paced lives and keep their … [Read more...]

Chickpea (Garbanzo beans) Health Benefits

garbanzo beans

Chickpea (Garbanzoa Beans) are a very versatile variety of legumes that is variously known as chickpeas, channa, ceci bean and Bengal gram. The scientific name for chickpea is Cicer arientinum and it belongs to the subfamily Faboideae of the family Fabaceae. “Cicer arientinum” literally means “small … [Read more...]

30 Days Burpee Challenge


The supermodels and superstars of movies can be often seen flaunting their fascinating figures on and off-screen. Seeing them command such a love and admiration from the fans or the public, many of the people think of building or having a physique like them. The craze of fitness and particularly … [Read more...]

Core Exercises To Strengthen And Toughen Core Muscle

Abs Exercise : Side Plank

If you are a serious lifter at the gym, you should take care that your core is strong. A strong core not only helps the form of every exercise and helps gain muscle mass, but also avoids lower back and other problems that occur during later years. There is this misconception among people that only … [Read more...]

Six Pack Abs Diet Strategy Tips For Daily Basis

Six pack abs meal plan

Whoever said "Abs are built in the kitchen, not the gym" was bang on correct! If you don't pay proper attention to what you eat and when you eat, even if your workout routine is perfect, you won't see the results. Ultimately, its the guy who balances between nutrition and right workout that wins. … [Read more...]