Ultimate Guide About Amino Acids

amino acids

Many food items contain a range of non-essential and essential amino acids that play a vital role in building muscle tissue, providing immunity to the body against many dangerous diseases, and metabolizing nutrients. Amino acids are the building blocks of the body. They are the type of organic … [Read more...]

Single Leg Squat

single leg squat

One of the easiest ways to develop balance, coordination and strength is to include single leg squats in your training program. This exercise can actually your core strength and stability for your sports performance. But this exercise can be tough to perform as it requires a good strength, balance … [Read more...]

Workout Motivation Tips


Do you need motivation to start workout? Do you seek some inspiration to hit gym regularly? Or are you looking for panacea to stick on workout regime? Well, if your answer is YES! Then Workout motivation tips can be very beneficial for you. Sometime mood, sometime festive season and sometime parties … [Read more...]

Top Foods To Reduce Bloating

Orange- Food to treat bloating

BLOATING - It is defined as a general puffiness or a sense of stiffness in the abdominal area and often described by many people as feeling 'over done’ after eating even a small amount of food stuff. Bloating is usually escorted by abdominal distension and, awkwardly, there is an over-production of … [Read more...]

How to do Triceps Dips

triceps dips

The dip is one of the effective exercises for strengthening the pushing muscle of your upper body namely chest, shoulders and triceps. The triceps dips are one of the variations of the basic dip exercise. This exercise helps in toning your triceps that is the muscle present in the back part of your … [Read more...]

Sign of stress


In order to full fill mandatory needs, life of common men becomes stressful and uneasy. The hassles, deadlines, requirements, demands, love, and desires are exerting oodles of pressure on the brain. For some people stress is now becoming part of their life and they are living a stressful life in a … [Read more...]

Effective 10 Minute Workout

kickboxing punch workout

It has been found that the people who work hardly don't get time to look after their workout or fitness routines. They spend most of their time in their work. In fact, people with this attitude develop the habit to eat more as compared to the other. For these people maintaining weight becomes a … [Read more...]

Lower Abs Exercise Machines

Exercise ball - machine for abs

Lower abs exercise machines are the effective machines that can aid in developing and strengthening your abdominal muscles. In present times, there are numerous types of lower abs exercise machine available in the market. These machines play a vital role in building your lower abs. Most of the ab … [Read more...]